About RITU

  Founded on August 2002, RITU is a state-recognized Hi-tech enterprise, headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, China, with a development centre in Guangzhou and a marketing centre in Shenzhen. As a leading providor of GIS solutions and services in China and abroad, RITU has accumulated an incredible amount of expertise in the field of geospatial (GIS data creation and processing, GIS application development and maintenance) by serving a variety of industries and governments.

  Massive investment in R&D helped RITU to establish a Post-doc Station and a Province-recognized Enterprise Technology and Engineering Center. Both of them are the basis of our development centre at Guangzhou, China. Staffed with more than 40 talented engineers and researchers, our development center offers you a full set of timely, creative, and cost efficient quality services.

  Besides our achievements on the market, RITU is also undertaking state-funded research projects, including advanced mapping research funded by National High-tech R&D Program(863 Program).