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  with its mapping cars and diligent walking surveyors, RITU built the POI database of China, which reached 20 million level. To make the POI database meet the requirements of all kinds of clients, from Internet giant Baidu, car manufacturers to governments, RITU established its data standards based on international standards (GDF, KIWI, …) and best practice(TomTom).

  RITU divided POI database into 15 big categories and more than 600 small categories, covering eating, accommodation, transportation, tourism, shopping, amusement, etc.

  The basic attributes of POI include position, name, address and telephone. And more attributes, such as homepage, operating time, charge information, pictures, can be added according to customers’ requirements.

  We also help customers to cleanse their POI data, such as Baidu, China Mobile, etc.