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  Shipment Tracking Platform(STP) utilized GPS, RFID and GIS technologies to realize real-time tracking of shipments, freight matching, and intelligent route guidance. Based on the powerful processing of data, STP can increase the efficiency of freight transportation effectively.

1. Cargo Identification

To reduce the high error rate of manual operation greatly, we utilized RFID technology to automatically identify cargo in handling and transferring.

2. Freight Matching

Once the cargo is identified and its information is retrieved automatically, the cargo would be assigned to a proper delivery vehicle in terms of the load utilization rate’s up and the item picking time’s down.

3. Cargo Positioning

By positioning the vehicle, STP can get the real time position and the status of the cargo displayed on map.

4. Cargo Tracking

With STP, users can check cargo’s logistic status information, and follow the ongoing track of the cargo.